Gilad Desert Produce delivering the finest fresh produce to the most prestigious supermarkets in Europe, UK, USA, Canada & Russia.

Gilad Desert Produce is emphasizing on delivering a high quality, safe product for the best client satisfaction.

Our growers are making efforts to grow fresh vegetables of the best quality in a professional manner while protecting the environment and commitment to fair conditions for workers.

In Gilad Desert Produce we follow the product & help the growers:

  • Planning for the most appropriate structure for the specific farm together with the grower
  • Centralized purchasing inputs & cut costs for the farm.
  • Reduce the use of dangerous chemicals by encouraging the grower to use integrated pest management.
  • Maintaining product traceability.
  • Centralized packing facility.
  • Reliable logistic system.
  • Experienced professional team to a wide range of reliable long term costumers.
  • Close, comfortable & friendly logistic center & office to receive the fresh produce & give quick personal answers from the Gilad Desert Produce team.


Gilad Desert Produce established in 2000, owned by two former growers which represents a group of growers locatedmainly in the central Arava valley at the southern desert of Israel.

Gilad Desert Produce was founded in order to give suitable solutions to the growers for an appropriate & friendly service together with better returns.

Gilad Desert Produce encourages the growers to implement growing methods to maintain the environment, give fair conditions to the workers & improving the growing & post harvest process. As a relatively small company .

Gilad Desert Produce has a close relationship with the grower which gives us the ability to adjust to special request from costumers relatively fast & easy, allow the growers a close contact on a daily base, receive quick answers to their needs & improve processes on real time.

We know the growers’ different growing sites, crops and we are aware of changes in the plants’ development throughout the growing and harvest season.

We identify changes in the weather that will develop into harvest peaks or lows, shortening of fruit shelf life or sizes and color anomalies & react promptly.

This way we can support the growers and the customers in a more efficient way to minimize any possible losses and maximize the returns.