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Quality Policy

Gilad Desert Produce hereby declares its commitment to market only products meeting quality management principles to carry the company's continuous improvement processes in accordance with BRC, Global Gap and Tesco Nurture.
Gilad Desert Produce will raise the quality element as top priority activities by the allocation of resources available to the quality, commitment and involvement in quality management and implementation mechanisms for actually implementing the principles of quality management.


Gilad Desert Produce is committed to the needs of its customers by providing high quality & efficient service according to customer needs, continuous improvement of service to grower needs & the changing market requirements.

Gilad Desert Produce is committed to the growers which giving  their trust to the company system & ability to do the best with their product, act with fairness, integrity and strictness, give them the right instructions on the principles of HACCP to prevent risks to produce with an emphasis on cleanliness, hygiene and preventing the penetration of risk factors to produce.


Gilad Desert Produce is committed to provide adequate conditions for its employees, to maintain equality of opportunity between the sexes, to refrain from employing children as well as from any discrimination based on sex, race, religion and nationality. Gilad Desert Produce will improve the professional competence of employees and maintaining health, safety and welfare of workers.

Gilad Desert Produce is committed to encourage environmental protection in the process of agriculture production, promoting integrated pest control, reduction of the use of harmful chemicals and maintaining the flora and fauna.

Gilad Desert Produce will save resources like water, fuel, gas & oil. The company will encourage recycling of materials, environmental pollution prevention and treatment of waste such as plastic, glass, and iron.
Gilad Desert Produce will operate under the laws of the State of Israel in all its activities, including employment, environmental protection, procedures of the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health.

Gilad Desert Produce can trace work progress and pinpoint produce origin at any operational stage due to an accurate and efficient Traceability system.