Frank Mosterd: “Important increase in organic area”
Israeli season started at Gilad Produce

Tholen - The Israeli season will start at Gilad Produce on          Monday, when the first peppers arrive. Later this year pointed peppers, cherry tomatoes, peppers and galia melons follow.

“But during the next two weeks our volume will still be limited. The local market is good at present and Russia pays a much better price than the Dutch market” says Frank Mosterd. “And as prices in Holland are not yet very good we try and delay for a little while still.”

“This year we also have a considerable increase in the organic area, mainly for peppers and cluster tomatoes” says Frank. According to the trader the quality of all crops in Israel is very good. “Quality has always been one of our strong points and also this year we will distinguish ourselves in this respect. And as one can see from the photograph it is never too early to start eating peppers!”.

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Publication date: 11/14/2008